We all want to take a vacation. We long to asleep and wake up somewhere beautiful. We dream about it. We build our dreams around it.

And then we realize, it is time to plan for the vacation of our dreams. What type of vacation would work best for you? Do you know where and when would be the best time to go? Are you aware of the costs involved in planning your trip?

All of these questions may seem quite important at different times in your life. But when you are a senior citizen and you plan your trip you suddenly become responsible for a lot of things that you would normally not be responsible for. You need to ensure that the trip will be trouble free.

You need to travel far and wide. But you also need to fly to your destination. Hi transportation. How will you manage to fly to your destination?

You have to check the timings of the buses and the schedules of the trains. You need to be aware of the goods and merchandise that you are bringing and if it will be allowed in the country you will need to bring them with you.

If I was going to use my laptop I would need to ensure that I have it packed so that I can at least plug in the charger.

I would also want to ensure that I have an extra battery as well. You never know what happens when you get an unexpected battery. What if you have a dead battery?

Look for the services of a travel agent who has plenty of experience. Most agents will have spots at the best places that you will want to visit. They may also have the best travel deals.

If you are using your mobile phone I would recommend that you get it charged on line. Because you are not only going to use your phone for calls it will also work as your travel agent.

If you ever need to call in a travel emergency the ability to call international or domestic will be very handy. If your mobile phone ever gets bad it is fairly cheap to just buy a new one.

Whenever possible it is always best to use a credit card for your trip. But you can also use travellers cheques or even cash in a travellers cheque. The most important thing is to ensure that you have enough money to accommodate the time and the places that you are going to visit.

If you remember that you will need to pay for accommodation and that will be based on the type of holiday that you are taking. Do not assume that you will need to stay at a hotel or hostel. You might be sleeping in a tent or you might be going to a hotel that caters for families.

Take a look at the internet and see what is available in terms of accommodation. You might want to look at the amenities of the hotel and see if you can have any Forgotten Man obligation to contribute to a better life for the people you will be visiting. If you are taking your children they might be put off by the high level of noise from the swimming pool and the playground and the proximity to the beach.

Whatever you do, don’t make that first booking on the basis of the holiday that you subsequently find out that you cannot afford. The holiday that you book must be the holiday that you actually want and require. If you cannot afford to be a little generous then perhaps you should forget the whole thing. Instead you should book a holiday that will more likely give you the holiday that you really want and require.