10 Pro Saving Tips For Travelers

10 Pro Saving Tips For Travelers

It’s a total year of staycation, I know, right! And you’ve been dying to go out somewhere to have a short breath of fresh air, but your savings are running out because of this pandemic. You don’t have to worry that much. Use these ten tips in the best that you can, and you’ll surely have an extra amazing trip!

1. Research thoroughly your travel destination

Though spontaneity is fun, there is still no other sure way of avoiding epic fail moments during your dream vacation than to plan it carefully ahead of time. Be sure to research your destination well, including reading the traveler’s guides, finding out about public transport, and checking out good food deals. DIY Tours are a trend these days, and it’s a must-try.

2. Do not invest in lavish stuff

Nay! It’s a prerequisite, maybe if you are planning budget travel. No matter how badly you want to own that thing, you have to think again and think more towards the travel goals you’ve been making up in your mind for a long time. I guess you must learn to outweigh the value of memories than any material things because it’s nothing compared.

3. Fly on Non-Peak Season, Day, or Time

Of course, first and foremost, you have to be patient when looking for a good flight deal, and the perfect time for it is during the off-peak season for travelers when the accommodation, food, and almost everything is at a discount. Plus, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be fewer crowds at the airport, so you won’t have to compromise your schedule.

4. Prepare a detailed travel budget and be strict about it

It’s the most important thing to remember in any given situation. Make sure your money isn’t just used for unmaximized stay-ins, foods, tours, and transportations. Always make sure that you obtain value for money from your travel. You know, you can get to enjoy things even without splurging on them.

5. Find the cheapest and simplest lodgings

I must say, getting a big room for a solo during your travel is a total no-no. Hostels are the best choice if you’re a backpacker and don’t mind sharing a room with strangers. It’s a double plus perhaps because you’ve got to save money and you meet new people as well. And that’s supposed to be one of the benefits of traveling.

6. Be flexible with your plans

Be creative enough to think of backup plans when things go off of your scheduled plan. Cut off your stubbornness first, or else you’ll ruin your trip. When you’ve researched enough about your travel, it does not hurt to try DIY activities from other traveler’s suggestions that could apply to you. I still believe, sometimes extraordinary things emerge after our plans have failed.

7. Walk everywhere or choose public transit as much as possible

Avoid renting a car, unless it is necessary. You should ensure that you have already figured out the public transportation to your destination before you travel. Learn to love walking as well! Especially if your next itinerary is just nearby. It’s a bonus that you can take a lot of photos along your way.

8. Collect more photos than souvenirs

Well, I must admit, buying souvenirs has always been on my budget every time I travel. Well, it’s quite something special for me because it’s a reminder of the places I’ve been. But getting buying them has to be within your budget limit. Nonetheless, refrain from buying too many souvenirs when in reality, it’s not useful for the person you give it to. It’s hard to cut it out all at once, but at least try to minimize and always think a hundred times before you buy something on your trip. Instead, invest in a camera where you don’t have to limit yourself on the photos you want to take. Photos sound more economical as souvenirs, I believe.

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9. Cut out fancy attractions and maximize free adventures

Well, I know, almost all travel attractions in any part of the world cost some money. You have to be very careful in choosing only those you’ll like, especially if you booked the tickets ahead of time. Always ask yourself, is it worth it? Be creative as well. Spontaneous things still incur the greatest fun! Walking down the cities and roaming around the park channeling your inner artistry in photography is a must-try. Plus, it’s a perfect chance as well to enjoy nature and arts, in your unique way!

10. Trust Locals

Always. Never be hesitant to talk to them casually, especially when you need to buy some food and find some stuff you like. Think local, as they say. Get connected to them. It’s a chance to know the place more and help you unload your doubts on your trip. Ask them about the activities on offer and participate alongside them. It’s a lot more enjoyable, I think.

Just always keep in mind that moments become more meaningful when shared with people, especially those unexpected ones!

When you are traveling, things are best enjoyed when you move away from your comfort zone and are creative enough to do things independently. Make sure it’s efficient, budget-friendly, and of course, worthy. Create a plan but be prepared for many unexpected things because that’s how travel makes true sense.

I’m saying good luck for a year full of adventures!