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It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the things you need to pack when flying. But, if you are not confident in your packing abilities, then you might want to bring a carry-on bag with you, rather than a full-size suitcase. When it comes to international travel, the first thing we do when booking a trip is check our suitcase’s size. The average carry-on size is between 18″ and 20″ x 12″ x 8″. But, when it comes to flying, we often forget that our carry-on’s size is one of the first things that we have to check before checking in. With federal regulations calling for all carry-ons to be weighed and measured, it’s important to know what can fit—and what can’t—in the overhead storage compartments. What is a Carry-on? A carry-on is a small bag that fits under one’s seat on an airplane, and it can be either…

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