5 Smart Tips That Will Save You Money on Vacation

5 Smart Tips That Will Save You Money on Vacation

Vacations have a way to suck you dry. Forget about anything you intend to spend on like air tickets or accommodation. Your spending is more likely to spiral out of control than it is to stay within your budget. Why is this? Why is it that you end up spending more than you planned for, even when you know better? I faced the same problem. I would take my family for a vacation and end up blowing a hole in my finances. Something had to change. But what?

After some online research and an in-depth look at my habits, I came up with a list of my own on saving while on vacation. Here are some tips that should help you get better at spending your money when it’s time to go on holiday. You can also check out more info here about how to get some additional money for your vacation, especially if it is looking to be more expressive than originally anticipated.

1. Time Your Vacation Right
As I found out, traveling at low-peak times of the year comes with a lot of benefits. I would mostly recommend this for individuals or couples that are yet to start a family. That’s because you would have to vacation at times when the kids are in school.

Traveling during off-peak periods means you get to enjoy reduced prices, from airfare to accommodation and other services you may use while on vacation. Traveling when other people aren’t, gives you the chance to enjoy low rates all across the tourism industry because now everyone is taking whatever business they can get.

2. Pack Only What You Need
I know packing for your vacation is tough. And there are some types of holidays, like camping in winter, that you might be tempted to pack every item of clothing you own (although there are guides on what to bring to iceland, for example, if you’re heading off on a winter camping break). There’s so much to carry and so little space to put it. Well, how about you leave some of it behind? I abandoned the tradition of packing everything I can take, opting for carry-on bags. With light luggage, you don’t have to pay to have your bags checked. Not only do you save money this way, but you also don’t have to worry about losing your luggage when all you have is a backpack.

Since we’re talking about what you should and shouldn’t pack, I’d advise you not to wait to buy stuff at your destination. This goes for items like toiletries and body care products. You’ll spend less for these if you buy them from your local store than when at your destination.

3. Save on Food and Drinks
Savings that you make on food and drink alone can reduce your expenditure significantly when on vacation. Watching how much you spend on food and drink starts right from the flight. I carry some snacks with me that I can nibble on when flying. These also serve as sustenance when I’m yet to find a nice place to eat when I get to my destination.

Another smart way to save on food and drinks is buying a lounge access pass if you don’t have lounge membership. You’ll have foregone the expensive airport snacks served when you have long layovers on your flight. You should also book hotels that offer breakfast.

If your holiday has self-catering then that is probably the biggest saving on food and drink that you can make. Not only is eating in much cheaper than eating out you have the potential to take advantage of special offers or coupons (like https://www.raise.com/coupons/sams-club) to save money on the grocery shop too. Of course, if you are going abroad this can be a little more difficult to pull off. You may want to sample the local cuisine culture after all. But if you’re going to be vacationing in your home country it is definitely a money-saving tactic to consider.

4. Find Accommodation Outside the City
Accommodation is always more expensive, the closer you’re to the tourist attractions. I save considerably renting accommodation in areas away from the main attractions whenever I go on vacation. It’s not too much trouble for me to move from my hotel to the attractions and back if it saves me some money, you should consider it too.

5. Try Sticking to Your Budget
You’re probably here because you’re unable to stick to a budget when vacationing. The truth is, you have to abide by your budget if you’re going to avoid unnecessary spending. One way I am able to stick to my budget is resisting the impulse to buy souvenirs everywhere I visit. Looking out for deals on food and group tours is another way to watch your account. Deals like these give you some breathing space when it comes to spending. For example, renting bikes is a great way to have some family fun, so why don’t you check it out and look for the best possible deals! That leaves you with some money to splurge a little on yourself without going over your budget, after all, what are vacations for?

There are plenty of smart ways to save your hard-earned cash even when you’re having fun. I would recommend that you track your spending at the end of each day to ensure that you stay within your plan. Even though I may share several ideas to help you save when you vacation, you will do more for yourself by analyzing your previous trips. Find out where you fall short and come up with inventive ways to curb your spending.