Best Places To Visit While Travelling In Denmark

Best Places To Visit While Travelling In Denmark

Looking to visit the northern European country, Denmark? And are you wondering which places are most ideal to check out? I have visited the country a number of times, and I am pleased to provide you with three good candidates for your future sightseeing locations. Let’s dive into them.

Kronborg: Not just for fans of Hamlet
One of the locations I looked forward to visiting the most, during my first visit in Denmark, was the old castle Kronborg. Haven’t we all heard about it? At least from school, back when we read William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The castle is located in the northern Sealand town Helsingør, also known as Elsinore in English. Its story and construction dates back all the way to the 1420s, and it’s full of interesting history. I encourage you to check out the castle’s architecture, which is a beauty to behold. There’s also numerous structures and monuments to delve into.

Helsingør and Kronborg can be visited by train, car or bus from the capital city Copenhagen. It only takes approximately 40 minutes to go by car, so there’s plenty of time to entertain yourself and your family while at the castle.

Copenhagen: The world’s bicycle capital
Denmark is a proud bicycle nation. If you didn’t already know that before you visited the country, you will soon find out. Just look at all the bicycle roads in the capital city of Copenhagen. You will often find that at any random time of the day there will be more bicycles on the road than cars.

Why not visit Copenhagen and rent a city bicycle while you are there? It’s easy, and it can be done at lots of various locations. Prices vary though, so you may want to check out a few locations in order to find the best deals.

Copenhagen offers lots of exclusive hotels. There are several of them located close to the world famous Tivoli Garden amusement park. I encourage you to rent a room near that, visit Tivoli Garden, and then use your bike to visit all the other interesting locations in the city. Among the most notable locations I will mention the picturesque harbor Nyhavn, the royal Amalienborg Palace and finally the 17th century tower Rundetårn, also known as The Round Tower.

Copenhagen is a modern city, and a truly breathtaking one indeed. I expect to visit the city again numerous times in the upcoming years. It’s that interesting. Strong recommendation here indeed.

Denmark’s many beaches
With over 7.200 kilometers of shoreline, Denmark has plenty of beaches to visit. Many of them feature crystal white sand, and the quality of those beaches are extraordinarily good. The best ones often feature vacation home areas in the vicinity of them, so why not rent a vacation home near a beach during your next stay in Denmark?

I encourage you to do a search for it on the internet, and thereby find the best deals. Beware though: It’s always the most expensive to book a house during the months of July and August. Why not book one at the end of August/start of September? Summer weather is often still on the menu during that part of the year in Denmark.

Are you looking for some wild and remote beach locations? Then visit the north and western part of Jutland. Here you will find wild and rough nature, and the wind is often strong and harsh here. The North Sea shoreline has plenty of wild birds, seals and wildlife to observe. It’s also possible to surf and entertain yourself with other marine activities.

Denmark: Your next ideal travel location
I hope you are ready for your next visit to Denmark. The country is defined by its very long shoreline, its many islands, and you should not kid yourself and only focus on Copenhagen when thinking about this lovely country. The locals love tourists, and they are always ready to help guide you if you have any questions.

I recommend you to research these three travel locations more in-depth. And while you are at it, also do some research on this interesting country’s history. Did you know for instance that the Danish flag is the oldest one in the world? Yup… It’s true. And expect to see it everywhere you go! Happy travelling!