Outstanding Places to Explore in Texas

Outstanding Places to Explore in Texas

I love exploring the world. I find it extremely thrilling, and it helps me to discover new things about myself. Each year, I select a destination, research it, and plan my trip carefully.

Last year, I decided to visit Texas after a friend told me that they liked it there. The state, which is the second-largest one in the United States, is jam-packed with unique places that offer limitless fun and adventure. I had many options to consider, ranging from historical museums, lovely cities, beautiful parks, and classic restaurants and upscale bars in Dallas and other parts of this beautiful state to its magnificent beaches and mountains.

Below are some of the incredible locations I visited, and given another chance, I would explore them again!

Big Bend National Park

I found this scenic park in West Texas at the U.S. – Mexico border. I’m a hiking enthusiast, and being here felt like heaven. There were over 150 miles of hiking trails for me to discover. Luckily, I had carried my hiking gear; hence my hikes were comfortable and pretty exciting. I could’ve still done some last-minute gear shopping at an rei austin store (or anyone nearby), but I’m glad I’d carried my gear anyway! Apart from interacting with fellow hiking lovers, bird watching was another great activity that I enjoyed at this park. I spotted hundreds of different bird species, and I even took some photos.

Surfside Beach

I made many unforgettable memories at Surfside Beach in Texas. Some of the things I did include jet-skiing and relaxing at the beach while watching other travelers. Walks along the shore were also fun. I can’t forget feeling my bare feet on the unbelievably soft sand. Since I was there for three days, I still had plenty of time to surf and fish. Then, I tried out a few nearby restaurants to taste Texan cuisine, and I was impressed! Some of them had bars, and I took advantage of that to share drinks with the locals.


I have explored countless cities around the world, and none compares to Austin. It is Texas’s capital city, and it enabled me to peek into Texans’ exciting culture. They were lively and friendly. For a moment, it felt like home! I visited several live music venues, including The Parish, where they feature various talented musicians playing different genres. I even stayed in a Luxury Hotel Brand in Austin, TX which made the trip even better!

While in Austin, I also had a great time kayaking at the Lady Bird Lake on the Colorado River. Later, I went to the incredible Blanton Museum of Art, where there were thousands of brilliant paintings and drawings.

Lost Peak

Lost Peak is a remarkable destination for those looking for gentle hiking locations in Texas. I found it on the Guadalupe mountains park’s northern end. The views at this place were outstanding! I couldn’t forget to take photos, and I even requested some tourists to take some of mine. At the summit, there was this beautiful conifer forest; I paused for some minutes to relish the breathtaking sight. I recommend this location for travelers who love high country hiking. With the essential hiking gear, Lost Peak provides lovely experiences.

I don’t regret visiting Texas. The countless photos I took while in the state remind me what a beautiful state it is. Of course, my trip was amazing because I took the time to plan it. I had to save up enough money for the entire vacation, which lasted about a month, and ensure that I had the necessary traveling documents.

I have several friends in Texas, and they helped me identify some of the terrific locations I visited. Finding an excellent vacation rental took some time because I was extremely cautious. It had to be in a safe, accessible vicinity, plus I didn’t want to spend millions on it. All the same, it made my stay more comfortable.