Why a Kenyan Vacation is Worth It

Why a Kenyan Vacation is Worth It

Like many people, I find myself worrying about things such as whether the trip would sufficiently quench my thirst for adventure. I bet it’s the first thing you ask yourself before planning for a trip- where?

Based on my experiences, I would recommend traveling to Kenya in the summer. The East African Country is packed with all the adventure one would want to seek on a trip. From beautiful beaches to wildlife and national parks, the country provides travelers with sights and experiences to leave one in awe. I will give you several reasons as to why you should visit Kenya:

Developed infrastructure
One enabling factor that would make it easy for anyone to settle on Kenya as the preferred holiday destination is the infrastructure. The major cities where all the adventure is are Nairobi (the capital) and Mombasa (the major coastal city).

The railway transport connecting the capital and the coastal cities such as Mombasa and Lamu, as well as the numerous cheap local flights from the capital to the coastal region, make getting around easier. It is so easy to travel between the capital city and the Coast. You could spend the whole day on the beach and spend the night 483 kilometers away in Nairobi. Flights from the capital city, Nairobi, take approximately 40 minutes to the coastal cities.

Beautiful Beaches
The coastline stretches up to 1,420 kilometers along the Indian Ocean. I prefer Lamu and Mombasa. While Mombasa is all the fun and coastal culture, Lamu is serene and quiet. In Lamu, I enjoyed dinner served by the beach in a serene environment provided by the hotels. In Mombasa, I came across historic culture and history through sights like Fort Jesus, which is relevant to the country’s history during the pre-colonial and colonial periods. If you like a mix of buzz and serenity in the evening, I recommend you start with Mombasa during the day and then have dinner before retiring for the day in Lamu.

National Parks and Wildlife
The Tsavo National Park is the biggest park in the country. The park is located just outside Mombasa through the Highway to Nairobi. The park rangers will drive you around as you see the richest and most diverse selection of wildlife.

Tsavo is close to Maasai Mara, which is another adjacent park. You can actually fly to Maasai Mara from Mombasa or Nairobi and any other local city with an airport/ airstrip. I was lucky enough with my timing and got to witness one of the great wonders of the world- the wildebeest migration!

Thinking about camping in the wild? I think Maasai Mara is perfect for you. I enjoyed the sunsets while gazing at the elephants and giraffes feed in the horizon in the most serene environment I have been to so far. Kenya has an interesting and unique capital city. Nairobi is probably the only city with a national park in it.

Amazing Sights and Physical Features
A drive outside the capital city, Nairobi, northwards along the Great Rift Valley is mesmerizing as well. The mountainous valley harbors several lakes along it; cap this trip with a drive around Lake Nakuru National Park, which is part of the Great Rift Valley. Here, you find flamingos and birds of different species besides the wildlife.

Did you know that the equator passes through Kenya? You can literally place one foot on one side of the equator while the other is on the other side. Amazing right? The equator cuts across the Great Rift Valley. If you like climbing, head to Mount Kenya!

Cultural Experiences
Kenya is made up of 42 ethnicities with rich cultures. While visiting all these destinations, talk to the locals and get to know about them and their culture- they are amazing people. Buy as many souvenirs as you can, and do not forget to capture every worthy moment on your camera. Mingle and also enjoy their food as much as you can, you will miss it! Oh, you will be back. I know it!