5 Reasons Why Murcia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

5 Reasons Why Murcia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Murcia is a region in Spain that does not get as much attention as the areas around it. Being between Valencia and Andalusia, Murcia has managed to stay hidden from international tourists. I visited this attractive destination recently. The sprawling natural beauty of the area is among the first things that captivated me as soon as I got to Murcia. The endless stretches of beaches make the Costa Calida coastline an ideal destination for relaxation.

While the Andalusia region is known for its exquisite wines, Murcia is the less famous cousin whose wine quality is just as good if not better. From the simple holiday with a trip here and there to a fully immersive excursion that explores the lush country and winding wine routes, here are five reasons you should visit the Murcia region of Spain.

1. Lots of Roman History at Cartagena
Cartagena is a port-city with priceless historical gems of the Roman empire that will take you back in time. Much of the historical essence of the city dates back to 220 BC. I got to experience a slice of the old times as I walked through the ruins, preserved for hundreds of years.

The Roman Theatre is one of the most notable structures in the area. If you are lucky as I was, you might score an apartment with a balcony overlooking the awe-inspiring design. You will enjoy the various museums in Cartagena if you’re the kind of tourist who enjoys learning some history about the area you visit. Each of them preserves a part of Roman history with artefacts to boot.

2. Explore the Murcia Wine Route
Murcia is a fine wine region with a lot of eye-opening features for the wine enthusiast. A glass of wine or two is perfect for vacation time. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the wine cellars were uncrowded. You take the tour of the wine route in small groups. I enjoyed my tour immensely, as I met the wine-makers who take you through the wine-making process.

Sample all the wine pairings as you move from cellar to cellar, as they come at very reasonable prices. The tour takes you through the municipalities of Jumilla, Yecla, and Bullas. I visited the traditional cellars, built underground, and the modern producers with a tad more sophistication. I got a favourite from the region, a sweet red that goes by the name Monastrell.

3. Over 250km of coastline at Costa Calida
Murcia is famous for its coastline at Costa Calida that stretches for more than 250km. From the caves and coves to the sweeping beaches and pink waters, Costa Calida offers an experience like no other. I could not resist the urge to sink my toes in the sand. After some time sunbathing, it was time to catch some waves, so I got on my surfboard and went out to the water.

Visit Bolnuevo beach and enjoy the breathtaking sites. The rock formations in this part of the beach carved out over thousands of years into fascinating shapes. On my return to the resort, I was welcomed with a dinner set-up facing the setting sun, which was the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

4. Enjoy Tours in Uncrowded Streets
The crowded streets and open-air markets that come with provincial living are among the first things that come to mind when we think of vacationing in the countryside. I found out, and immensely enjoyed Murcia’s uniqueness in this regard. The region is one of the least visited areas in this part of the country. What this means is, you don’t have to worry about overcrowded resorts and streets.

5. Have a Taste of the Best Tapas
Good wine is not complete without good food to accompany it. The Murcia region of Spain offers some of the best Spanish cuisines you will eat. What’s more, you get these mouth-watering preparations at a fraction of the price in comparison to other destinations.

I had a taste of some of the region’s specialities like Caldero Murciano, which is fish and rice cooked in a pan. Alcachofas de la Abuela is another local speciality made with pine nuts and seasoned with bay leaf and wine. You will also enjoy the tapas from this region, with festivals and seasonal events held year-round.

Spain has been trying to catch up to the tourist numbers registered by Italy and France. The Murcia region is one of the areas looking to attract more visitors. With gamut accommodation options and reliable public transport, the area makes for a beautiful holiday destination. The abundance of historical sites coupled with the luxuriant greenery is among the top reasons most holidaymakers find this a perfect vacation destination.